Neo-Humanist Education

“The real meaning of education is trilateral development – simultaneous development in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of human existence. This development should enhance the integration of the human personality. By this, dormant human potentialities will be awakened and put to proper use. Educated are those who have learnt much, remembered much and made use of their learning in practical life.”
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

  • Holistic Development of the child
  • Universal Love and Values
  • Astaunga Yoga
  • Ecological & Social Consciousness
  • Academic, Practical & Personal Skills
  • Knowledge of Self and World Applied for Universal Welfare
  • Joyful Learning through the Arts
  • Culturally Sensitive Approach
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Exemplary Role of the Educator

PCAP & Environment

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