The aim of Yoga is to fully experience or ‘realise’ one’s essential nature.

The yogic perspective is that the body, mind and spirit are inseparably connected. However our contemporary lifestyle places enormous demands on us, often leading to alienation, loss of clarity and motivation, creating disharmony both in individual life and in our society. Yogic practices develop our physical, mental and spiritual spheres resulting in an integrated and balanced personal and social outlook.

Hidden beneath the layers of physical and mental activity is a state of quiet awareness where lies the essential nature of being. Peace, love, wisdom, clarity and happiness can be found here. In the stillness of the innermost self, we experience our connectedness to the universe and the all-pervading consciousness behind it.

This blissful stillness lies hidden inside every human being. The mundane chatter of the mind keeps most of us preoccupied with the objects and problems of everyday life. If we want to uncover the profound wonder of this innermost self we must learn to quiet, control and ultimately transcend these mundane preoccupations.

The definition of Yoga is:

“Saḿyoga Yogo Ityukto Jiivátmá-Paramátmanah”

When the unit entity, the unit consciousness, becomes one with the Cosmic Consciousness,
that becoming one, that unification, is yoga.

Meditation and yoga is an integrated self-empowering approach to life’s fundamental yearning – the search for happiness. This must be seen in the total context of one’s life and one’s needs, both individual and social.

Wellbeing is more than physical fitness. The practice of yoga postures tones the body by balancing the glandular system. This relaxes and calms the mind.  In meditation, the practitioner directs this calm state of mind to experience the deeper levels of their being, normally inaccessible because of the mental clutter. These experiences provide doorways to a tremendously powerful and profound sense of being.

The systematic practice of meditation, yoga and the profound philosophy behind it emerged about 7000 years ago. It developed through the experiences of ancient yogis who learnt to  harness the powerful, subtle energies affecting human beings.

Today, with a relatively developed study of psychology and neuroscience, the value of this practice and the perspective it imparts, is being increasingly recognised…

 …For it is based on the essential nature of being      

Every one of us carries within the hidden memory

               of that first sunrise, and even beyond it into the darkness

               of antiquity. We are, by means of this primordial 

                memory, which is part of our human heritage, intimately

                connected to all forms of life

                                                                                                              Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Dedicated Teachers ( Acharyas)

One of the most important factors for success on any spiritual path is access to a good teacher. The teachers of Ananda Marga (Acharyas) are yoga monks and nuns who have dedicated themselves to teaching Ananda Marga practices as a social service. They provide instruction, counseling and personal guidance to the student as he or she advances along the path of yoga. They are fully trained and qualified in all the lessons of yoga and meditation. Classes, courses and retreats may involve fees but individual instruction is given free of charge.

Acharyas are also actively involved in alleviating suffering in all areas of life.

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